About Us

Our philosophy is to combine the latest in optometric knowledge, the most advanced examination and treatment procedures, and state of the art instrumentation to provide you with the best possible eyecare. However, we don’t just treat visual problems and eye diseases, we treat people. Our mission statement, as stated on our waiting room wall, reads as follows:

“The people in this office are committed to providing you with the highest quality of eyecare and to treating you with kindness and respect.”

We welcome the opportunity to serve you. Our goal is to ensure you a lifetime of healthy eyes and clear and comfortable vision.

About our Office

The historical brick building we practice in was built during the Civil War. There have been several additions and many renovations over the last one hundred fifty years.

We have tried our best to make our office as handicapped accessible as possible and encourage you to discuss any special assistance you may need, and we will do our very best to accommodate you. There is ample parking, including handicap spaces in the rear of the building.