Our services include comprehensive adult and pediatric eye examinations (starting at age 5), the treatment of eye diseases including glaucoma, injuries, and emergency care. We prescribe medications when necessary as well as glasses and contact lenses.

We recognize that some eye problems are beyond our skills and know when and where to refer our patients to the best specialists. We never hesitate to consult with other doctors when necessary.

Eye Examinations

For us to thoroughly check your eyes, we must periodically use eye drops to dilate the pupils of your eyes. Most people should have their pupils dilated every year and patients with certain conditions will need to be dilated more frequently. The drops take 20 minutes of additional waiting to take effect. You may need to plan on at least one and a half hours for your visit. If it is inconvenient to be dilated, you may reschedule this portion of the exam, at no additional charge. Also, the drops can take several hours to wear off during which time your eyes will be more light sensitive and reading will be difficult. Most people can drive while their pupils are dilated but you may prefer having someone else drive you home.

Contact Lenses

We offer contact lens services including the fitting of soft and gas permeable lenses.

If you are interested in contact lenses, please ask us for more information regarding lenses and fitting fees.

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If you need glasses, our optical department offers a wide selection of quality, fashion-forward frames at competitive prices. We take pride in using a wide range of top-quality components combined with great product support to provide you with excellent eye care products. We meet regularly with representatives to make sure that we have an outstanding selection of the latest frame designs and lens technology including multi-focal, scratch resistant, and anti-reflection coatings as well as photochromatic transitions. Our value is in knowing what is available and what best meets your needs. You will walk out seeing and looking great!

Our licensed opticians will provide you with unmatched personalized service in a relaxed, welcoming environment. We offer expert fitting and guarantee all lenses and frames against breakage for one full year.

No appointment is necessary for any optical service. All patients are given a copy of their latest eyeglass prescription at the end of each comprehensive examination.